Your company data is critical, unique & often has taken years to collect.

Computer system backup's & crucially data backup's are vital to successful business recovery.

In the UK you have to keep:

  • Company records for 6 years.
  • VAT returns for 6 years.
  • Company year end accounts for 6 years.

Plain & simple, you can never have too many backup's. The worst situation of all is no backup or a backup that cannot be restored.

Company insurance policies, often require that:

  • Computer systems must be backed up.
  • Backups must be stored off-site.
  • You must be able to restore the backup.

Computer systems fail for many reasons. These include:

  • fire,
  • theft,
  • tape corruption or failure,
  • lack of specialist knowledge,
  • accidental damage,
  • failure to backup sufficiently.

If you DO NOT have a backup to restore from or recover your business data, it costs your business.

This cost may be time, expensive call out fees, loss of reputation, contacts, work in progress .......

We make sure that you:

  • have the best method of backup for your needs,
  • have the right software for your backup needs,
  • have easy to follow backup schedules & routines,
  • know when a backup has failed & work with you to rectify the situation,
  • can restore your backup by periodically doing test restores for you.