E-mail's & VPN solutions:

E-mail solutions

E-mail solutions let you:

  • share information quickly,
  • send documents without delay,
  • communicate quickly, in or out of the office,
  • share information with colleagues,
  • contact customers with newsletters,
  • take part in on-line meetings.

E-mail solutions offer best productivity when included as part of a network upgrade or re-design solution.

This gives you greater flexibilty & control over your company's e-mail communication.

Virtual Private Network Solutions

The ability to access your company network whilst out of or working away from the office can be beneficial or impress your customers with speedy responses.

With a VPN you can do this safely & SECURELY & easily.

VPN solutions give you best protection when included within your computer system security policy.

VPN's give you secure:

  • remote network access,
  • access management so the right people get the right access,
  • quick communication, in & out of the office,
  • extended information sharing facilities.