Project Work

Project work includes one-off computer needs that fall outside of your normal business needs.

Examples of such work include:

Office moves

There is a lot more to moving your computer system than just dismantling your computers & hoping they all go back together again.

Some of the steps involved in an office move are outlined below:

  • Assess your system & computer needs,
  • Computer move administration needs,
  • Computer system backup & restore, so we know you can restore BEFORE it is taken apart,
  • Before your move day, assessing where your computers need to go, &
  • Ensure cables & extra requirements are planned for,
  • Technical support on your first day in your new office to make sure your computer systems work as they did.

Progressive hardware or solution improvements

It is daunting when you embrace new technologies for the first time. Often, companies prefer to make these changes over a few months.

This is a perfectly valid solution & does make sure staff are gradually introduced to new technologies & software systems. Of course it makes it easier on the budget as changes are made over time.

Computer de-commissioning, removal & disposals

When your old computer systems have reached the end of their useful life, we can de-commission & dispose of this equipment for you.

We make sure that legacy information, that you may not realise is still held on the machines, is removed. This makes sure that trade secrets & confidential information does not leave with your old computers.

Equipment is disposed of safely & in line with impending government legislation.