Web Design

A website gives companies:

  • promotion all day, everyday, 365 days a year,
  • an economical marketing extension,
  • a silent salesman,
  • the chance to showcase products,
  • answer general FAQ on-line,
  • trade in e-commerce activities.

Web sites we design are:

  • Lean & modem friendly,
  • Usability focused,
  • Adhere to strict Internet standards,
  • Accessibility friendly,
  • Readable in a variety of mediums.

Website design is fun. We enjoy listening to customers & turning their thoughts into a web reality.

To do this we:

  • brainstorm ideas with you,
  • identify key themes for your website,
  • listen & think carefully about colours & styling ideas,
  • provide content advice to target your Internet audience,
  • adhere to strict coding, design & Internet standards,
  • allow time to reflect, so you are happy with your website when it reaches the Internet.


  • register your website,
  • host & administer your website,
  • design & maintain your website,
  • design new websites,
  • re-design existing websites,
  • re-design for accessibility requirements,
  • provide Internet marketing & search engine optimisation,
  • enjoy web design.